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We have a lot of travel information for Switzerland.  Here are links to the highlights.

Bern in a day.  Normally we don't rush through and try to se a city o region or whatever in one day.  Bt in 2006 circumstances took us to Bern for one day and we made the best of it with advanced recommendations from our Swiss friend.  Here is what we found interesting and easy to see in 24 hours in Bern: Stair climb to the top of the church tower (rewarded with a great view of the town and distant mountains, ***); the Einstein house (where work on the theory of relativity got started); strolling (or jogging) on the pathways along the River Aare (note that you can make a circular trip by taking a path on one side of the river, crossing at one of many pedestrian bridges, and returning on the other side); and beer drinking (at some bar near the grand cuckoo "Clocke" after you witness the hourly clock show with hordes of other tourists).  Things we missed because there was too little time: the famous "bear pit,"  the noon-hour town walk-swim event (where town folks walk/run up the Aare, swim or float back to the start), and a couple of beer halls.  Enough reason to plan a return at some future date.   See Slideshow.