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Switzerland- Wanderwegs



The Swiss have an extensive nationwide trail system.   Every trail is well sign posted with information on the level of difficulty and time it will take for the hike.  Many of the trails are designated Wanderweg which are "paths for everyone."   One of our favorite short Wnaderweg in the Jungfrau region is the Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg Wanderweg  on the valley floor.   Along the way you pass close to the Trummelbach waterfalls .  For joggers:  the Lauterbrunnen-Stechelberg Wanderweg [**]  is a 10.


The nicest long Wanderweg is the trail to Rotstockhutte [***].  The "off road" town of Murren is a good base for several days of hiking.








You can't get lost in Switzerland.  The yellow sign trail markers are a familiar sight all over.  They are color coded for level of difficulty. They also tell you the time it will take and whether there is a train, cable car, or bus at the end.