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Switzerland - Murren



This is a nice town to use as your base for hiking exploration of the Jungfrau area.  The cable to Schilthorn starts here.  For the Jungfrau trip can be done with a shuttle train from Muerren to Lauterbrunnen, connecting with a 2nd train to Kleine Scheidegg, connecting with a 3rd train that takes you to the top.  Sounds more complicated than it really is since all connections are perfectly timed.  Muerren is the also the trail head for many of the best hiking trails in the area, such as the trail to Rotstockhutte [***].


There are no roads and cars in Muerren.  You get there by either the cable car from Stechelberg (see photo -->) or the cog-train from Lauterbrunnen.  We strongly recommend the Lauterbrunnen over the Stechelberg option.  If you arrive in your own car there is public parking at Lauterbrunnen.  You can purchase a multi-day train pass that covers both the commutes on the Lauterbrunnen-Muerren line and many other train/cable rides in the area that you may wish to do during your stay.  The train pass is especially good to get to remote trail heads.  For example:  to reach the famous Bachalpsee lake you would take train #1 Muerren-Grutschalp, train #2 Grutschalp-Lauterbrunnen,   train #3 Lauterbrunnen-Kleine Scheidegg, train #4 Kleine Scheidegee - Grinderwald, and finally the cable car from Grindelwald to First.  All these "free" on your multi-day pass.   The pass also includes a big discount on the Jungfrau train.


Muerren is quite after dark.  There is no night-time "action."  Instead, plan to spend quite evenings with schnapps and sunset/dusk views of the Eiger.  Hotel Alpina  [**,$$] is very reasonable and offers rooms with decks overlooking the Eiger.  The end units have larger decks.