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Mexican Cooking class in Tlaxcala






Cooking Class in Tlaxcala   We combined the Frida Kahol tour of Mexico City with a 5-day immersion in Mexican cooking at the Salas (Estela) Silva's Mexican Home Cooking.  The school is a 4-star  B&B in the country near Tlaxcala, about 120 km from Mexico City.  It is surrounded by three volcanoes.  There is one in every direction you look from the hacienda.  The photo on the left is the front door view.


This is a B&B with  lunch and dinner.  We  (the guests & students) made lunch and dinners as our cooking exercises.   Typical day schedule: Breakfast at 9 am, classes and cooking 10 am -1 pm, lunch at 2 pm;  the rest of the afternoon is free time; dinner at 8 pm.  The last night includes live music, party, and tequila. 


We learned about chilies, sopa, mole, salads, deserts, and much more.  We even made our own tamales.  Five to seven recipes were taught each day.   Jon lectures, Estela demonstrates the cooking.    The food is delicious!  On par with the best Mexican restaurants (and to think - we made it!). 


Rooms are large, have private baths and cozy fires.


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next  See Movies of frantic activity in the kitchen.  The movies compress three hour of class time into 20 seconds.  These are recommended only with broadband connection.  

Around The Cooktop

Prepping Station





The class surrounds Estela at the stove top.


Marlene: "This is my tamale."


Jon  instructs Marlene on the art of cleaning and cutting Nopal (cactus) leaves.  This and chili cleaning are basics taught on the first day - and use again and again for five days.


Ruth (back turned), Marlene, and Janet at the mixer/blender station.  This is where the batch of ingredients MAGICALLY  turn into sopa or mole.




2005 R. Abileah

Last updated February 27, 2008