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Merlin Restaurant & Hotel, Puerto Varas, Chile



        The daily menu is posted on a blackboard. 



The perfect itinerary

Two days in Puerto Varas


Day 1: Arrive at Puerto Montt airport.  Drive to Puerto Varas. Check into Merlin early afternoon.  Pre dinner stroll through town and on lake front;  Pre-dinner cocktails at the hotel/bar overlooking lake (sorry- we forgot the name).  Late and leisurely dinner at the Merlin in one of the small and intimate dining rooms;  Post dinner stroll on the lake pier;  Return to Merlin to turn in for the night.

Day 2. Great breakfast the following morning in the same dining room.  Day exploring of Lake Llanquihue, volcano Osorno.


Volcano Osorno.


     The Merlin Restaurant [**] is a German family owned establishment that is a must stop for anyone on a culinary safari of Chile.

     The town  of Puerto Varas was started by German settlers way back.  The Merlin Restaurant family arrived more recently.   There is more on the family's history in the many newspaper and magazine story clippings on display in the downstairs hallway. 

     In addition to a very fine restaurant this is also a small and comfortable hotel [$].  We advise  booking a night here and following the Perfect Itinerary on the right.



At the Merlin you pick your wine by pointing to the bottles on display in one of the dining rooms.