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San Francisco, CA

 San Francisco Bay Area is our home, so on this topic we really do know what we are talking about.


San Francisco is a great town for walking. The city's 300 neighborhood staircases (***) make the most beautiful "natural'  Stairmaster exercise in the world.  We have our favorite 30 staircase of the most beautiful ones.  This is a strenuous 4-hour hike and its advisable to carry replenishments since the route doesn't have ample opportunities to stop in stores for food and drink.  For a more sedate staircase experience we recommend the staircase leading up to Coit Tower view point.  This one is good for day and night.  Many fine restaurants are in Little Italy,  close to Coit.  

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Another city walk is the Herb Cain promenade (**), named after SF's beloved newspaper gossip columnist, who passed away in 1997.  The best part of it is South of Pier 39, avoiding the tourist crowd around Pier 39.

Bridge-to-Bridge & and over the Golden Gate walk.  Start on the Herb Cain Promenade underneath the Bay Bridge.  Follow the promenade towards the Golden Gate Bridge.  Stay on course closest to Bay.





More San Francisco Bay Area recommendations:

next Doug McConnell's (KRON TV) backroads file is a great reference for locals and visitors to the San Francisco Bay area. We extracted many McConnell suggestions and others into our smorgasbord: The "Backroads and Bay Cafe" list.



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Last updated February 27, 2008