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Knish Detour

     If you are leaving NYC by JFK you have a great opportunity to get a bag of knishes for the flight and a box to take home from the Knish Nosh.  This detour will add only 30 minutes to your JFK trip and reward you with the world's best knishes. 


     Follow map on right.  Take midtown tunnel [S 1-4] for LI Expressway [5]. Take Queens Blvd exit, then East on Queens Blvd to 67th. Knish Nosh is on the corner of Queens Blvd and 67th [9-12].    


     They are setup to nicely box your selection of knishes for the flight.  But also take some knishes in a separate bag to munch on as you continue on to JFK, or for dinner in case of a  flight delay.  To get to JFK from the Knish Nosh continue on Queens Blvd 0.3 miles [13] to Jewel Avenue. Left on Jewel  [14] to Van Wyck Expressway [15]. Van Wyck takes you to JFK [E].






Map credit: MapsOnUs 

Happy customers at the Knish Nosh.


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