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New Orleans


Cajun Cooking Class


On our last visit to New Orleans (January, 2002) we discovered this fabulously fun Cajun cooking class.


We used the Internet to research the cooking school options before the trip.  There were several schools close to the downtown hotels that sounded more like cooking shows for large groups of tourists.  Happily we found one establishment just across the river from downtown that appeared to offer a more intimate and hands-on cooking experience.   And it turned out to have one other attraction:  it is held inside a Mardi Gras warehouse, with an island kitchen right in the midst of those famous floats.  You get a cooking experience and an opportunity to see the Mardi Gras floats up close.


The school is the Mardi Gras School of Cooking [***], headed by Chef Richard Bond.   It's across the river from the old town.    There is also an excellent guided tour of Mardi Gras World [*] after lunch.  


The class and Mardi Gras tour will take the better part of the morning and early afternoon.

The cooking island amidst Mardi Gras floats.  You get a great cooking lesson  and a close and intimate look at the Mardi Gras floats


Marlene learning the traditional Gumbo; Left: Marlene posing with the American Eagle and bin Laden float.


Making the batter for the bread pudding

The perfect itinerary

A day in New Orleans


9 AM: take ferry to Mardi Gras School of Cooking. Class begins at 10 AM.

Lunch - your own cooking;

Afternoon: Mardi Gras World tour (included in Cooking School "tuition").

Evening: Sweet Kathleen's.


Ron "inspecting" the Marilyn Monroe float.

After Dark


Sweet Kathleen's.  [*$$] This is a very special night club, with a  Dixieland Jazz band playing nightly at 8:00.  You may catch Kathleen herself playing with the band. There are two entrances: 308 Decatur (the restaurant side) & 311 N. Peters (the stage side).   This place is a labor of love.  Highly recommended.