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Quebec (La Belle Province)


Morin Heights, Quebec Next time you visit Montreal add an excursion into the villages in the surrounding countryside.  Our favorite is Morin Heights, which is a pretty village in the Laurentian mountains, about 1 1/2 hour drive from the city.  


Morin Heights is one starting point into a 150 km network of cross-country skiing trails.    In summer and sprint these trails are used for hiking and mountain biking.   The nearest big town, Saint-Sauveur is great for shopping. 


The artists in the area put on the annual route-des-arts tour of galleries, which includes our sister Ilania Abileah.  The tour is self-drive. 



A work by Michel Blais on exhibit at Arts Morin Heights.  This modern piece is about  ice hockey (note the puck in lower left).  All works on display are by local artists and are for sale. 


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The Perfect Itinerary

Three day escape  (Spring-Fall) in Morin Heights

(For one day excursion skip to Day 2)


Day 1:  Check into your inn or B&B.  Recommended: (1) Auberge Swiss Inn [$$] (2)  Aux Berges de la Riviere Simon [**, $$].   The Aux Berges is an 1885 farmhouse turned into a B&B.  Both are in quite settings on the outskirts of Morin Heights.


Day 2: Walk/jog the Morin Heights Aerobics Corridor.  There are two possible trail head starts - see photo below.  Lunch in "downtown"  Morin Heights and then Visit the Arts Morin Heights gallery (in the library) to view/purchase works by area artists.   Visit the country store and look in the back for a gadget you had no idea you needed.


Day 3:  Morning: take a circuit drive tour of the lakes in the area.  Afternoon: lunch and shop on Rue Principale in Saint-Sauveur.



Corridor aerobique near the trail head in Morin Heights.  Another trail head at Lac-Des-Seize-Iles, gives you more trail time with lake views.  The trail was converted from a railroad right-of-way.