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Kansas City - 3 day itinerary



The Perfect Itinerary

3-days in Kansas City + optional 2 days in the country


Day 1:  Shop in the Plaza and if a hot day dip your toes in one its famous fountains.  (Kids can get away with doing a complete soak.)  Arrive at BB's between  8-9 PM for BBQ dinner and Blues to Midnight.


BB's Lawn side Bar-B-Que


Day 2:  Hike the Mill Creek Steamway Trail from Olathe to Lenexa or bike all the way to Shawnee.  The pathway takes you through scenic woods, hills, and farmland surviving in an expanding suburban sprawl.  Note:  this is one of the many Rails-to-Trails in the USA  (see day 4 for more).  Go back to BB's at 8 PM for another night of BBQ and Blues.


Day 3:  Back at BB's at 6 PM for early dinner, then head to the Starlight Theatre for 8:30 show, which ends about 11:00 PM.   Back at BB's  after the theatre to catch the last set of whatever band is playing, 11:30 to 12:30 PM.  


Optional days 4-5:  If you have extra time and good weather in the next two days drive 2 hours to Rocheport, MO, where the corn fields meet the Mighty MO.  Stay at the charming Schoolhouse B&B (yes, it was a schoolhouse at one time).  Hike/bike on the KATY trail, the longest rail-to-trail in N American, which runs along the Missouri River.  The trail E of Rocheport is the most scenic section.  Bikes can be rented at the Trailside Cafe in Rocheport;  Dine one night at Abigail's (*,$$) at Rocheport, and another night at Emmet's Kitchen (*,$$) for hot Cajun in Fayette (15 miles from Rocheport).  Note: this portion of the itinerary was inspired by a story we clipped out of the New York Times.