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Israel - Ben Gurion's Negev Home


Ben Gurion's desert home [***] is now a museum about Ben-Gurion's inspirational life and love of the desert.   This is where he settled on retirement.   He worked the sheep pens with breaks to write his memoirs, and occasional recall to resume leadership in Jerusalem.


The museum is small but very high techie  (lots of digital films) and very informative.


On our visit someone thought to explain to us "Americans" that Ben Gurion was the George Washington of Israel.  Ben Gurion and Washington did have these things in common:  both were military leaders and the first heads-of-state of their country.  However,  Ben Gurion's kibbutz retirement estate was no Mt Vernon.   


Ben Gurion's grave site is at a very picturesque overlook, on the Ben Gurion University campus. 






Above: Ben-Gurion's simple desert home. Below:  the words of Ben-Gurion.



  The Ben-Gurion library