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Prague  We were fortunate to have visited Prague in 1996 before the big boom in tourism.  As it were our visit coincided with a Michael Jackson concert (not our plan), and every hotel was booked.  But we discovered a happy solution to accommodations.  A lady approached us at the train station with an offer to rent us an apartment.  It turned out to be a large apartment - much more than we needed, in a good location (next to the Jewish district), and cheap.  Besides the castle and Charles Bridge, which everyone must do, we did the following.  Looked for the "NO RUSSIAN TANKS" sign at Wenceslas Square - its small so you may need a local to point it out.  Took the #17 and #22 trams - doesn't matter where.  Bought some bread, cheese, and wine at the Javelska open market to take to a bench on the river. We found wonderful places for dinner.  All the following are in the old town.  The list was made in 1996.  Since the flood of 2002, we can't be certain how many survived.U Stralete Baby Restraurance a Pivnice at Na Kampe 15. $$Rybi restaurance u Betlemske kaple at Betlemske nam 2.  We did this twice and would have returned again if we had more time.  Dining on the patio and underground. [** $$]Snack u Kiliana on Vsehrdova 13 is a lovely place in the Kampa neighborhood which is an interesting neighborhood for a stroll both in day and night. The restaurant is 1st level and underground. We also did this place twice and wished we had time to return again. $$

Budapest We did Budapest after Prague.  Much to see here but don't have the time to write it up except for this one item:  MarXim pizza is an out of the way little place to have a slice of Gulag or Marximalis pizza in honor of the comrades that used to run the place.    





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