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Gaming Priceline



Conde Nast Traveler, December 2004 offered this "secret" recipe to getting a good deal on Priceline for the hotel quality class in the destination and dates you want.  

  • Formula 1

    Go to Priceline's Vacation Packages section, type in your destination and dates.  What pops up is a list of hotels that deal with Priceline

    Go to hotels web site to get cost of standard room on your dates

    Return to Priceline, bid 40% less

    Note:  a greater number of hotels offered in Vacation Packages indicates grater inventory, thus the lower the price you can bid.


  • Formula 2

    Consult biddingfortravel.com for information on successful bids by other travelers.  Check out Hotel FAQ section

    Post query to site administrator, who will advise.


  • Formula 3

    Start with a low ball bid.  Include in bid your desired zone and N additional zones where all hotels are below your quality class.

    When your bid is rejected you can resubmit your next bid, incrementing your bid.  Drop one of the N zones.

    Repeat up to N times.  Hopefully you will land a successful bid before you run out of zones.


  • Formula 4

    Re-bid  your low ball price closer to the check-in date when hotels want to get rid of any remaining inventory at any price.